What Do Young People Want To Achieve in 2019?

What Do Young People Want To Achieve?

For younger generations growing up, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to leave home and set out on your own path.

In fact, over 25% of those aged between 20 to 34 live with their parents, a million more compared to two decades ago.

There are many achievements that younger people want to get under their belt during their 20s. We take a look at three key things young people want to achieve before they hit 30.


Moving Out

As previously mentioned, more and more younger people are still living at home with their parents.

With rising house prices, an increased cost of living and difficulty of cementing a high-paying job, the future might look bleak for the young generation who are determined to move out of their parents.

However, despite recent statistics indicating that younger people are struggling to move out, it isn’t impossible, and even purchasing a home can still be on the cards.

In fact, mortgage providers have continued to increase during 2019, with first-time buyers and younger people becoming a key demographic in this industry. Government schemes such as Help to Buy and low-interest rates have also given younger people an increased chance of moving.


A High Paying Job

Working 9-5 and 5 days a week is a reality those in their 20s are beginning to accept. However, finding a job that pays enough is becoming increasingly difficult for younger people.

Although unemployment remains low, general yearly wages have failed to match the swift rise of inflation, making bills and savings incredibly stretched.

Finding a high-paying job is something a lot of young people dream to eventually achieve, but it could mean working well into their 30s before securing a job that can help them achieve other ambitions. Find about the average salary for your age.